A selection of my travel/wine/food-related articles:

+ The Vintage: A.D. Beckham Amphorae
United Hemispheres mag

+The Enchantment (and Occasional Bummer) of Old Wine
Old Wine, Expectations, and One Big Disappointment

+ The Simple Sandwich
In Search of a Proper Cheese ‘N’ Pickle

+ From Underdog to Idol
Getting to Know Gamay in 10 Chapters

+¡Salute! to ¡Salud!
How ¡Salud! is helping seasonal workers in the vineyard

+ Digging Deep
The art of hunting and preparing truffles

+ Respect My Authority
The debate over natural wines

+ The Future of Oregon Wine
It Ain’t Pinot

+ An Ode to Dad Wines
Revisiting some wine classics

+ The French Bistro Done Right
C’est Si Bon—It’s, er, trés bon

+ Interviewed on The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis
Discussing my wine snob article

+ The Wine Snob Myth
Wine snobs? Nah, They’re not a real thing

+ Wine Quest: Return to Walla Walla
Exploring the wines of Walla Walla (and will I like them this time?)

+ Exploring Oregon’s ‘Other’ Wine Country
Southern Oregon has its perks

+ When Lava and Wine Mix
Here’s What Happen When Lava and Wine Mix

+ The New American Cuisine
Portland, Oregon, is the latest culinary hotspot in the States – a compelling combination of place, talent and down-to-earth attitude

+ East European Wine on the Rise
Obscure wines that might just blow your mind

Carpet Diem: How Portland Airport’s Carpet Seized the Imagination of Oregon’s Travelers

+ Visit London
Sample pages from the official Visit London guide